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Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: 30-January-2002

Coordinator and main author
Jens Neubauer (Taurik)

Questions, suggestions, remarks etc to:

  • I. Receiving and sending turns through email
    • 1. How can I stop my email program from deleting the turn from the server?

      If you are using this address for normal mails, too, you have to make sure your email program doesn't delete the turn form the server. All modern mail programs should have an option to filter incoming mail. I'll explain it for YAM, which is very widespread:
      • Open the Configuration window and choose "Filters"
      • Add a new filter and change it to be a "Remote-Filter"
        (to filter the mails before downloading them)
      • In "Comparision", we should now create a string expression to describe a turn. Subject: and From: are the best for this purpose. So, search for
        "Subject" "=" "@000" and activate "substring search" (this finds all mails whose subjects start with "@000" - this should only be the case form turns)
        "From" "=" "tot.tamar.net@tamar.net" (which is the address of the server) [Since the server is undergoing changes at the moment, this address is subject to change without notice, so it's recommended to use filtering on Subject line]
      • Finally, set the "Action" to be "Don't download" and save your changes.

    • 2. What can I do if I deleted the turn by mistake and only have a copy in my email program?

      If you still have the turn in your mail program, there are two ways to make it accessable for the client.
      • I: Move the mail, as it is, to the "Outgoing" folder and send it (to yourself). Shortly after, it should be in your mailbox again. Unfortunately this does not always work, and not with every mailserver, so you may also try this:
      • II: Open the mail, then "Save" it in "Raw format". Copy the resulting file to "Tot:data/POP3In/" and make the filename by using the subject removing the "@" and adding the suffix ".email". So if the mail subject was "@00000001", the file should be called "00000001.email". Then let the client try to download again (it will connect to your mailserver nevertheless) and it will load the turn from the hard disk.

    • 3. What do I have to observe when using freemail services?

      Some freemail services use the so-called "SMTP-after-POP" protocol. This means that you can only send mails for a short while after downloading from the mailbox. ToT will automatically connect to the POP server, if necessary to send a turn. Other methods however, like SMTP-Auth are not supported and must be disbabled, if possible.

  • II. Miscellaneous questions
    • 1.I found a bug! What should I do?

      Report it to Wolfen, of course! [For the non-Amiga versions to the respective author instead.] Make sure the report is meaningful by including the following:
      • An extensive description. What? Where? When (in other words, what were you trying to do)?
      • A Debug-Output. Each ToT archive contains, besides the normal executable, a special debug-version that prints out important information while running. To save this output to a file which can be sent by email, start a shell, change to the ToT directory ( cd tot: ), and start the debug-version with an additional parameter to reroute the output to a file:

        tot-client-debug >sys:tot-debug.txt

        This command writes the output to the file tot-debug.txt on the boot partition. Please observe the correct syntax: at least one space between tot-client-debug and the ">", and no space between ">" and the filename.
        Caution, FFS-users: If the system crashes while ToT is writing to the file, the partition may need to be validated after rebooting. So maybe it is better to write the file on ram: or even better rad:, instead of the hard disk.
      • If it is a graphical problem, include a screenshot of the affected screen. I recommend SGrab from Aminet.

    • 2.Usage of the Amiga version with UAE

      Mazrim (cyco@gmx.de) wrote me this:

      When using UAE, the chipset must be set to "ECS". ToT doesn't work with the default "OCS".
      Attention: This is also necessary when using Picasso96!

    • 3.Undocumented features (Amiga version)

      These funtions are not documented, but could be useful for testing:
      • Changing the screenmode
        To change the screenmode, hold down the CTRL-key while starting the program.

    • 4.ToT and MagicMenu (Amiga version)

      When using Magicmenu, it may happen that the context menu on the map screen does not appear when pressing the right mouse button.
      Cure: Keep the "Ctrl" button pressed while clicking the right mouse button, and the menu will appear.

      Thanks to Michael Jaccoud for this hint

    • 5.Problems with logging in the chatroom

      If you can't access the ToT-chatroom, it may be because the server doesn't accept users with the username "root".
      You can change this name for example in Miami/MiamiDX under "TCP/IP : user name" and "database/users". Other TCP/IP stacks have similar options. Other operating systems, like Linux, use the username under which you logged in the system.
      This has nothing to do with your chosen nick/players name.

      Thanks to Tim Lucks for this hint

    • 6.Changing the email address

      You can change the email address to which ToT sends your turns by changing the last entry on the second page of the option screen (reachable through the coat of arms in the residence). Normally, this field should contain the address you gave when registering ToT. For the change to take effect, you must make it before sending the turn (or send the turn again). And of course you must not forget to change the POP and SMTP server accordingly, so that ToT can connect to the new address.

    • 7.Problems when going Online/Offline

      First, please make sure you selected the correct TCP/IP stack in the option screen.
      The scripts used to control the stack can be found in the subdirectory "rexx" in the program directory. You can start them manually with "rx". This may hint at missing assigns or wrong paths in your configuration.
      You can also select the option "Always Online". Then you will have to go online and offline yourself.

      If you are using Genesis as your TCP/IP-stack, you will have to edit the scripts "GenesisOnline.rexx" and "Genesisoffline.rexx" inside the rexx drawer. Simply change the name of the interface from "PPP" to the actual name used on your system.

    • 8.Problems with the Amiga version and third-party-software/hardware

      from Martin Wolf
      • Music stops on the map:

        Only occurs if ToT is installed on a SCSI disk on a PPC host adapter and uses Digibooster and a Prelude card with AHI.

        Under these circumstances it can happen that the music stops and only resumes at the next start of ToT. This is a bug in the Prelude software and cannot be fixed in ToT. Thomas Wenzel has been informed.
      • The fading is too slow in an Amiga emulator:

        This occurs when using WinUAE under Windows2000. The bug is either in WinUAE or the Picasso library. It has been reported to Bernie Meyer.
      • Titlebar are not shown under MorphOS:

        The implementation of ColorFonts is missing under Cybergraphics V5. Ralph Schmidt and Frank Mariak have been informed. ColorFonts are not yet possible under MorphOS.



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