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The email game was created from old mail games. The origin might be chess games played via mail.
In the middle of the eighties a new mail-strategy-game was invented. At this time only a few computers could be found at home. All actions by players were sent to a headquarter. There was a computer reacting to all the letters and to process all further actions.
Today this is called "snailmail".

Disadvantage: Usually two or three weeks were necessary to take the next steps in your game. So it took very long to make the game exciting and interesting.

Advantage: You played against human opponents. There was also no limitation in the location or number of players.

Now a few years have passed and the technical progress made it possible for more people to buy a computer for their personal interests.
A further addition is the internet: You get a fast and cheap connection around the world!
The ideas of the mail strategy game, the use modern communication-technique and modern computers will be combined in "Tales Of Tamar".

In "Tales Of Tamar" you send your actions via email to the Eternity-server or connect to our BBS to get to our main server. So it is possible to get response in a few days and get a more interesting atmosphere. In addition it will be possible to use an online-chat and talk to other players and opponents.


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