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03.06.2011 - Latest News

Like every year the "Tales of Tamar" player meeting will soon take place. According to current plans it will be held on the weekend of August 12 up to August 14 2011 at Chemnitz in Sachsen/Germany. More information can be found in the forum.

For fans of medieval music we have a very special new item. It is the "Tales of Tamar" bard CD (German language), which can be ordered now in the German online shop. The Bard's CD is also playable directly via the Windows /Amiga client (MacOS X and Linux in preparation). The CD includes 17 different titles with a total running time of 60 minutes. Furthermore the fan-shop of "Tales of Tamar" was recently revised and equipped with new products.

Increased attention has recently been put on our homepage. In addition to updating the screenshots, the community section has been revised.

We wish to comply with the desires of some players and create a small and isolated area beside the great already existing lands of Tamar. Those who want to establish their kingdom there can get more information about this in the forum as usual.

Finally we want to give a brief look on the upcoming version 0.59 of "Tales of Tamar." The focus here is a revised version of the statistics- and reports-screen. Both will give the player more information and will be easier to use. The English translations of the ingame texts were brought up to date as well. If nothing else interferes, beta testing of the Linux and MacOS X version will commence in the next few days. The Amiga and the Windows versions will follow shortly after.

The ToT-Team


17.03.2011 - Tales of Tamar at Facebook and Twitter

Those who regularly go to Twitter and Facebook certainly already discovered "Tales of Tamar" there. We hereby wish to introduce our two new websites to all others.

On our Twitter page you will find all the important news - even before they appear here on the website of "Tales of Tamar."

Our facebook page is the perfect place beside the official website to learn even more about the game. In addition to a list of YouTube videos there are events calendars, various image albums and of course you can also read the Twitter messages there. Fans of "Tales of Tamar" can use the "Like it!-button" to show their connection to the game.

The ToT-Team


21.12.2010 - Tales of Tamar client version 0.58 published

Dear male and female players,

after a long dry spell version 0.58 of the "Tales of Tamar" client has been released for AmigaOS, Windows and first time for Linux. A MacOS X version is also under development after this release and is already playable for beta testers now. This time the focus of development was the balancing between large and small realms and the improvement of the handling of the grain warehouse and the army screen.

The detailed change-log can be accessed directly in the forum. The client is now available on our download page.

The ToT-Team


27.02.2010 - New features

Dear players,

well known to active forum members. For the rest it's time to turn your attention at some new features of "Tales of Tamar".

The undead are back and roam once more the lands of Tamar. Also the elves and dwarfs became active again.

A new independence-routine makes it possible that towns can declare themselves independent from a realm and become ruins. This happens if they are surrounded by npc land or by land that's not belonging to a player in the same vassal id as the owner of the town. So, if the player who owns the town is either the vassal or feudal lord of the player who owns the surrounding land, then the town will not declare independence.

We also want to bring your attention to a new feature at the "Tales of Tamar"-portal page. In a new window right under the tavern-login you can now see the actual state of the game server. Now everyone has the opportunity to check whether the turn-computation has started or the state of the computation.

The ToT-Team


09.02.2010 - Free

Dear Tales of Tamar community,

Tales of Tamar is and will be free.

Any turns will remain in your account, and will be compensated at a later time.

Detailed informations will follow.

The ToT-Team


13.07.2009 - Free at the moment

Dear Tales of Tamar community,

Till another announcement playing Tales of Tamar is free at the moment. Have fun playing it.

Any turns will remain in your account, and won't taken off before restart of the payment system.

The ToT-Team


06.02.2009 - Serverswitch from 13.02.09 till 16.02.09

Dear Tales of Tamar community,

at 13.02.09 we move over to a new better server. This covers our website, email adresses, wiki, forums, the game server and so on.
For this purpose on friday morning the wiki and the forums will be deactivated. And there won`t be any reporting of the game moves.

Please take in mind, that all our email adresses are affected. So rewrite any email which gets lost in this time period.

You can always check the status of the serverswitch here:

If there are any problems, you can see new information under this adress.

Thanks for your understanding and see you soon in Tamar.

The ToT-Team


29.10.2008 - Tales of Tamar Screenblankers for Windows

Under Goodies at the download area you´ll now find some Tales of Tamar Screenblankers for Windows.


Your ToT-Team


30.06.2008 - tamar.net nominated for the german fantasy price

As we just now found out, tamar.net is nominated for the german fantasy price this year.

The awards show takes place on October 18th, 2008 during the book fair Con in Dreieich near Frankfurt.

We thank you for this honor and are happy to participate in this voting

Your ToT team


04.06.2008 - Bounty for further realization of the Linux and browser version of Tales of Tamar

Dear friends of the intense and ludicrous role-play game Tales of Tamar,

For further realization and adjustments of the Linux and browser version we are still looking for semi professional coders who want to gain some extra cash by persueing their hobby.

The Linux version is about 60% done whereas the browser version is approximately 30% done. Both versions have to be brought to the latest state of the PC & Amiga version. For further information please contact wolfen@tamar.net or call +49 2234-272300 (Tales of Tamar's hotline)

Your ToT team


05.05.2008 - New Amiga version 0.57P2

Dear friends of the intense and ludicrous role-play game Tales of Tamar,

the journey continues with the next update of Tales of Tamar. This time it is unfortunately only a small update which is nevertheless less unimportant since a severe registration error occurred at the last Amiga version.

Many thanks to our testers for all the help and apologies to all the potential players who tried to register a new empire in the meantime. With this version one can check for the first time how the dungeons are realized in ToT, for free!

New features:

  • [R7] Workbench screen mode is now preset at the screen mode requester (Amiga only)
  • [R7] Dungeon: one can take gold now (not given to your account yet)
  • [R7] Dungeon: Traps are now covered
  • [R7] Dungeon: Now one can die getting caught in a trap / new graphics implemented
  • [R7] Dungeon: Doors, traps and chests now can be opened and closed
  • [R7] Dungeon: implemented new sound effects
  • [R7] Dungeon: compass rose now moves
  • [R7] Dungeon: implemented movement keys and keys to open and close things
  • [R7] Dungeon: Entrance and exit are now indicated
  • [R5] Dungeon runs on AGA
  • [R5] Fblit now operates with masks from the fast ram (10% more speed)
  • [R4] Dungeon: implemented chest
  • [R4] Dungeon: implemented traps
  • [R4] Dungeon: sound effects implemented
  • [R3] three scouts are now available at the beginning of the game
  • [R2] Dungeons are now accessible
  • [R2] new Spanish catalogs used
  • [R5] build screen: 20 mills text deleted from the build screen
  • [R5] memory leak fixed during the start of the game (city structure again)
  • [R5] memory leak fixed while entering the map in high resolution mode
  • [R5] InitScreen: while clicking the mouse during the complex registration it did not check whether the email address should stay like that or a ToT inbox should be used transitionally
  • [R5] InitScreen: Player names with less than 3 digits are not allowed anymore
  • [R5] InitScreen: During the request if a ToT inbox or an own inbox should be used instead, the options were deleted. The result was that the options data was not applied.
  • [R5] CopyDir: problem concerning the dungeon path reworked again.
  • [R5] CopyDir: problem concerning the dungeon path reworked again.
  • [R3] CopyDir: dungeon path disappeared if one executed New, Save or Load
  • [R3] missing dungeon graphics implemented (Kores/ Amiga only)
  • [R2] Taverna: Crash fixed while writing in the taverna editor
  • [R2] InitImportantThings moved from residence screen to the title screen. The problem is that certain folders have to be created before one can start the registration. These were created in the residence screen before and now are possibly excepted.
  • [R2] graphcs engine: While using a second path-file (BardsTale/Dungeons) some pointers possibly were overwritten to bitmaps. This appeared now in the dungeons and title screen from time to time.
  • [R2] BardsTales: deleted lockup during rebellions
  • [R2] BardsTales: fixed error concerning the diseases
  • [R2] Gadget system: error in the market place fixed where more than 30 gadgets were used
  • [R2] Initscreen: password request now allows all characters.
  • [R2] Graphics engine: wrong graphics were loaded into the cache (Azuriel)
The R7-Update to V0.57
path: http://www.tamar.net/bin/ToT_Amiga_V0.57_R7.lha
size: 8.761.691 Bytes

complete archive
path: http://www.tamar.net/bin/ToT_Amiga_V0.57_P2.lha
size: 150.322.989 Bytes

Your ToT team


20.03.2008 - Tales of Tamar is announcing Dungeons & Realms and is looking for graphic artists

For the ongoing development of the game, we are looking for up to three ambitious freelance graphic artists to help us with the realisation of future extensions.

We are expecting to release the new version 'Dungeons & Realms' at the RPC 2008. This will integrate dungeons into Tales of Tamar. This will extend the options open to new players in the first few turns and make the game more interesting at the beginning.

There is a small demonstration available here (CSS and Javascript-enabled browsers only):


The dungeons will contain treasure chests, traps, doors, grids and many other elements.

As you can easily see, this is a homage to a very specific kind of game. If you've played games like 'Eye of the Beholder' before, you know the kind of games we loved and hope to revive a little.

Interested graphic artists please contact us at wolfen@tamar.net

Your ToT team


13.02.2008 - Tales of Tamar presented on Role Play Convention 2008

The Role Play Convention 2008 (RPC) takes place on April 26th/27th this year. Of course not without an eventful stand of the successful turn based medieval multiplayer strategy game Tales of Tamar. You will find us in "Halle Süd" (southern hall).

You will experience a facinating journey into the medieval fantasy world Tamar as well as interesting and interactive information about the game.

Immerse yourself in an impressive world with other players, elves, undeads and many other creatures. Turn on your strategic abilities.

Visit us on the RPC in Münster and experience a fun-to-play game as though you were in it.

Every already active player receives 50 rounds for free by visiting our stand as a thank-you!

Your ToT team


03.09.2007 - Tales of Tamar Wiki

Dear players of the intensive and ludicrous role play game,
dear players, friends and supporters of Tales of Tamar,

the big library of Arbanor is regarded as forgotten in the vastnesses of Tamar for centuries. In exhausting work the diligent monks now go about building a new library.

We may now announce with a little pride that our ToT-wiki went online. Since we write a continuous history in Tales of Tamar and hence, the players become part of the history of Tamar, our ToT-wiki may help to document tales of old empires, former emperors unforgotten battles, myths and legends from all regions of our world.

Discover the unbelievable depth of the world of Tales of Tamar.

Access to the new library: http://www.tamar.net/wiki
To the medieval fantasy, role play and strategy game Tales of Tamar: http://www.tamar.net

Currently there is only a german Wiki. We are looking for helpers to set up an English version, too.

Your ToT team


25.07.2007 - TALES OF TAMAR – In a new dress

Dear friends of the intense and ludicrous role play game,
Dear players, friends and supporters of Tales of Tamar.

640 years of history are a heavy weight. 640 years filled with adventures, discoveries, fights and 640 years of love, death and betrayal, 640 years of heroes, wretches, dragons and virgins.

The world of Tamar enters its 640th year of continuous history. That is reason enough to give it a new look, to wipe off the dust of former times, to be ready for the future…

We are happy and proud to offer you an entirely renewed homepage of Tales of Tamar including a completely revised design, new graphics, better lucidity and some “hidden” surprises like utterly new wallpapers.

Experience the newly designed forum, more lively and vivid than ever before…

As an email game with one turn a day, we give you the possibility to conduct a country that spreads fame and glory – even if you have only some minutes a day of free time to invest.

Visit us on www.tamar.net and be part of the future of the continuous chronicles, form the future of a whole world and leave your own mark on it, so that one talks about you after centuries.

Your ToT-Team


24.04.2007 - Tales of Tamar Wallpaper

Finally we can give you a collection auf Tales of Tamar Wallpapers. Just click the title link to get to the Wallpaper site.


24.04.2007 - New PC version V0.55

Dear Sir or Madam, dear friends of the intensive and ludicrous role-play game,

Once again, our PC-version received a new update. Among the innovations are for example Vista support, an improved registration, an improved build screen, a renewed news system and many bug fixes.

The new registration:

The new registration of Tales of Tamar offers now for the first time a checking of the player´s name. Furthermore we improved the support of current providers of POP & SMTP servers while some providers will be refused if they do not support SMTP & POP services. We hope this leads to an easier registration, which will be just useful eventually.

The new build screen:

In the past it was often criticized that beside the manual or the forum, one could not see the requirements of some buildings in order to build them. This version now contains a different build screen that offers a detailed view of the requirements and furthermore a color distinction between buildable and non-buildable structures. We hope that we hereby served the wishes of the players.

The renewed news system:

Since this version it may happen that a message box including the latest news will show up after a game turn request. This is due to the better communication between the administration and the players.

New features:

  • ToT now supports Windows Vista
  • Build screen: buildable and non-buildable structures are now displayed in different colors
  • Build screen: the requirements of a building are now displayed in the requester
  • Implemented a news system (While requesting a game turn the last forum message of important messages will be displayed)
  • InitScreen: The system now already refers to the lack of support of googlemail and hotmail in the client
  • Furthermore from now on the following providers are better supported due to default SMTP & POP servers: GMX, Lycos, Web.de, Yahoo, Alice, Arcor, Chello, Compuserve, Freenet, Netcologne, Snafu, Tiscali
  • ToT now better recognizes the different operating systems
  • IniScreen: While registering a new account the name will be checked if it is already used in the forum. Hereby we implemented a name check in the game for the first time
  • InitScreen: If the new user already has sent a registration and wants to return to the InitScreen, it is displayed that first of all the inbox will be scanned. This was a little irritating because the project did not respond while scanning the inbox
  • TitleScreen: an additional request is displayed while loading and saving of the TitleScreen because new players struggled with the functions
  • General: if the game will be left without sending a game turn, one will receive a message. This is due to the new players as well because they do not know or forget that they should send a game turn.
  • MapScreen: improved highlighting of the units on the map
  • MapScreen: implemented special highlighting for active units
  • Map screen: new hex fields are now accessible and display winter mode
  • Map screen: while clicking on the figure lister the desired figure was not always activated as the current unit. (Kores)
  • Map screen: Bugfix while dueling at the position 0
  • Map screen: perhaps fixed another crash on the map screen (Corinne)
  • Map screen: while clicking on unknown fields too much information about the field was sometimes displayed. HiRes only. Fixed (Baltar)
  • Map screen: while exiting the map in LoRES memory was possibly cleared incorrectly from time to time. This resulted in crashes of the map while exiting. Very old bug and already fixed on the Amiga for a long time (PCProff)
  • Map screen: Freakinus-Bug edited for another time. Keyword: LoRes - second menu - switching - crash
  • Map screen: Unit shuffling fixed (PCProff and Lipsius)
  • Map screen: artillery weapons were not calculated correctly while putting in an army (Melax & MacJones)
  • Barracks screen: Artillery waeapons were not calculated correctly while canceling an army (Melax&MacJones)
  • Port screen: ships do not lose their movement points although only one ship is newly added or canceled (Corinne)
  • Port screen: wood for breaking up the ship will first be added as soon as the ship is canceled entirely, by means of exiting the requester by clicking on the check.
  • Corn camp: fixed green triangles. (Joe)
  • Diplomacy: Viewing messages works again. (Corinne)
  • Options screen: Switching to TCP/IP in the first options menu works now without checking the email options (Taurik)
  • General: random generator overworked because it always displayed the same values after each restart of the game
  • General: transmission via TCP/IP fixed
  • General: improved dice values
  • Crash in the build screen due to a false dice routine removed (Kalessin)
  • Values of goods on the market vary again (Azuriel)
  • General: Fixed bug while exiting the game and rejoined it. Unfortunately all new speed advantages will be lost. Vista should still work properly (Corinne)
Complete archive
Size: 68.471.122 Bytes

Update for all previous versions
Size: 10.586.475 Bytes



24.03.2007 - Amiga version 0.56R1 with widescreen support

We released a new update for the Amiga today. Basically we added the following new features:

Widescreen support for the Amiga

If you are the lucky owner of an Amiga-Widescreen you are now able to build your screen mode by yourself and utilise it in ToT. You can find a list of screenshots including wide screen support here:


Tuandria, the desert of Elerion
Furthermore we implemented a whole new landscape by adding 40 new map elements. The Desert of Tuandria will complete the game which will remain interesting.

Fixed and new module player, thanks to Chris Hodges

Chris Hodges kindly redid the module player for us and added the support for MOS- and OS4 systems. There always have been playing problems. Thank you very much.

New features:

  • Request handling improved
  • Implemented map scrolling by using the right mouse key
  • Speed improvements for classic systems (approximately 10-20% faster if mini map is displayed, Hires as well)
  • Approximately 40 new map-Tiles added (i.e. preparation for Tuandria, the “Desert of Elerion”
  • Amiga version supporting Wide screen
  • Higher resolutions than 1024*768 are supported
  • Module player is playing every 3 minutes from now on (doesn’t bother one that much)
  • Hacking protection added
  • Server information can now include port information in the option screen
  • Lack of Module fixed by adding it
  • Screen sizes in high resolution mode are adjustable down to 1024*600. Hence, the speed should be improved on classic-Amiga
  • UAE does not start a TCP/IP Stack anymore due to bsdsocket.library anchored in the Kernel
  • While registering an account your name will be checked if it is already used in the forum. This is the first time that name check is added
  • If the new user has already sent a registration and wants to get to the Init-screen a message will be displayed to first check the mail inbox. This was irritating in the past because of the system freezing while scanning the inbox
  • Added a news system (while requesting a game turn the last message of the ‘important messages’ is displayed).
  • Bluescreen: The requirements to build structures are now displayed in the requester
  • Bluescreen: buildable and non-buildable structures are now displayed in different colours.
  • InitScreen: The lack of support of googlemail and hotmail is now already displayed in the client. Furthermore we added an improved support for these providers using pop and smtp: GMX, Lycos, Web.de, Yahoo, Alica, Arcor, Chello, Compuserve, Freenet, Netcologne, Snafu, Tiscali
  • Fixed important bug in the SetMiniMap dialogue that was probably the reason for crashes in the map screen (searched 2 weeks)
  • It is no more possible to click on fields on the GUI in HighRes
  • Improved figure-handling
  • No animations are displayed anymore after fading out
  • Disabled night display of the city in HighRes
  • Possible hit corrected while exiting the map
  • Possible hit corrected while drawing out figures
  • Fixed cursor routines (convert2chunky erroneous in ARGB32)
  • Fixed cursor colour errors
  • Thanks to Chris Hodges, the multiplayer mode is redone and should work properly on emulators now
  • Fixed some errors in the map
  • Mapscreen: Froze from time to time if resources are displayed
  • Fixed error when winning a city and losing one at the same time
  • Fixed program crash if clicking on mini-map while FigureListRequester is inactive (only Celeron and lower)
  • After saving the game the mini map and some requester were not in the right position
  • Map screen LoRes: multiple switching of the menu caused crashes
  • Possibly additional crashes fixed in the map screen (Corinne)
  • Port screen: ships do not lose their movement points although just one ship was inserted or suspended (Corinne)
  • Port screen: wood for wrecking will be added after the ship is suspended, by means of exiting the requester
  • Map screen: Freakinus bug overworked another time. Keyword: LoRes – second menu- switching – crash
  • Unit shuffling fixed (PCProff and Lipsius)
  • Corn inventory: fixed green triangles
  • Diplomacy: view messages works again
  • Port screen fixed another time because data was incorrectly loaded (Corinne & Azuriel)
  • Fixed crash in the map screen if second menu is used in LowRes
Path: http://www.tamar.net/bin/ToT_Amiga_V0.56_R1.lha
Size: 17.267.654 Bytes

What is up next?
3D map and position dependent goods are finally planned for the next updates.

The entire Team and I wish you much fun at trying the new features…



Windows V0.59R5
Windows-Beta V0.59R5
Linux V0.58R1
Linux-Beta V0.58R4
AmigaOS V0.59R5
AmigaOS-Beta V0.59R5
MacOS X-Beta V0.58R4