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08.11.2004 - Finally some pictures from the Games Convention

Take a look at our booth and some other impressions from the Games Convention.

24.07.2004 - Tales of Tamar at the Games Convention

Eternity will be present at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany from August 19th to 22nd and show Tales of Tamar for PC, Amiga and Mac. A special highlight will be a first glance at the nearly completed 3D engine.

We will also hold a small presentation of about 45 minutes every day at the GC Cinema. Topics will be Tales of Tamar and game development in general.

We would also like to take the chance to point out that the Amiga version can played as Trial now, too. All you need to do is download the game including the lastest update and, when registering, enter 'Trial' instead of a serial number. This will allow you to play the game for free for a limited time and test it for a few weeks before you have to buy turns.

Every player visiting the convention and showing up at our stand can register there to receive 50 free turns.

The Games Convention is currently Germany's biggest game fair with about 90.000 visitors.

22.07.2004 - New PC Version V0.50

Tales of Tamar keeps on improving...

The newly released PC version 0.50 implements the gods. The player is now able to choose from one out of ten gods, resulting in several bonuses and penalties within the game.

You can choose among:
  • God of War
  • God of Peace
  • God of Fertility
  • God of Fire
  • God of Water
  • God of Air
  • God of Farming
  • God of Animal Husbandry
  • God of Mining
The effects of the gods are diverse. While the gods of cultivation increase the production of resources, the elementary gods provide protection for natural disasters. The god of war strengthens the attacks of your armies while the god of peace increases their defense. The god of fertility speeds up the growth of your population. Of course, you should name your god and shape your game play accordingly.

The choice of a god is a requirement to hire clerics. These will be added next.

We are still looking for beta testers. You can apply at www.tamar.net.

Tales of Tamar is a turn-based PBEM fantasy, strategy and role playing game in the tradition of Kaiser and Civilization. It runs on a Pentium 200 or better with modem dial up to the Internet. It is developed by Eternity Entertainment Software.

Until the next release Your ToT-Team

23.06.2004 - New Amiga Version V0.52 R1

Hello dear players,

finally, a new Amiga version can be released. Due to the current tester situation, it took a little longer.

Important! Always make a backup of all data. If you don't make a backup, it's your own fault if you lose data. We have, as always, tried to find all problems, but you can never be sure.

New features & bugfixes:

- yet to be translated

Tearing down buildings

Probably the most important new function. Please note that due to an earlier problem, two buildings in you capital may be lost. Those are the town hall and the tavern. Both buildings must be rebuilt by you, in case they disappear.

Since most old players are bigger by now, this shouldn't be too big of a problem.

Giving an receiving land

Using a scout, you can now give land and towns to other players. Your scout has to be on the hex in question and get the order "offer". The scout of the receiving player has to be at the same spot and get the order "accept".

If both player get these order in the same turn, the land in question will change owner.

If a third scout is present and also receives the order to "accept", not transfer will take place, that way you can block a transfer.

The peaceful transfer does NOT modify confidence.

Trade offices

In every town, you can now have up to 20 trade offices. The extend the granary capacity and will serve a storage room for goods in the future. At the beginning, each realm can store up to 50.000 units of goods. Each trade office extends the capacity by 100.000 units.

The storage limit is not active yet.

Path : http://www.tamar.net/bin/ToT_Amiga_V0.52_R1.lha
Size: 9253320 Bytes

We hope you enjoy this new version.

Regards Wolfen Game management

05.05.2004 - Tamar needs new land!

For the second time, we start our event "Tamar needs new land!".

Once again, all of Tamar has been settled, and new land has to be found for new realms.

Don't miss that opportunity! It will take place on May 15th, only 10 days from now. Start with other players under equal conditions, and show that your a contender for the rank of emperor!

Explore regions of Tamar that no man has set foot on before. Meet unique challanges like dragons, undead and other creatures, and prove yourself in the contest with other human players.

Tip 1:
Our price of 250 Euro for the first emperor among the realms created after January 1st 2004 has still not been claimed. (You'll find the detailed rules in the ToT forum).

Tip 2:
If you enter the keyword "Trial" in the field for the serial number while registering, you can start playing for free. A turn fee will only apply once you got deeper into the game. Also please add the remark that you want to start on May 15th.

Wishing you a lot of fun, with best regards,

Your ToT-Team &

21.04.2004 - Tales of Tamar Trial-Version for PC released!

Tales of Tamar, the turn based fantasy, strategy and role playing game enters the next stage of development:

Since last week, the Trial version of Tales of Tamar for Windows PCs is available for download from the emule/edonkey network and from www.tamar.net. The Trial version is a complete client, which allows to get into the game for free. Only after reaching a certain level you are required to pay per turn. The archive has a size of about 23 MB and includes all files to get you started into the world of Tamar.

Tales of Tamar lets you take the role of a ruler in the world Tamar, where you try to increase you influence and grow your realm through trade, diplomacy and strategy. Will you be good enough to rank among the few to become emperor, and secure your place in history next the famous Abanor of old?

A complete 38 page manual is available for download as well.

Come to our world:


complete archive

update for all previous versions


not available yet...

Betatesters please note:

Only download this version if you don't have a newer version already. P2 stands for Public2 and is the same as Version 0.49 R2. There are newer betas out.

Game direction

08.01.2004 - New Amiga version!

Dear Amiga community,

a new public version of Tales of Tamar hast been released. A lot of things have happenened since the last update:

New features:
  • Initscreen: checking for illegal characters in name
  • InitScreen: registration process improved
  • InitScreen: turns from old game will be deleted
  • tradescreen: offering wood and stones from cultivation
  • GameInit: player gets 250 wood/250 stones/1000 trident & 1000 light armor at the beginning
  • GameExit: can keep option for next game
  • mapscreen: cultivation added
  • mapscreen: autumn gfx
  • mapscreen: status of border display saved
  • mapscreen: production and price of fur and oil modified
  • mapscreen: new waterhexes showing depth, everthing ready for sea monsters
  • mapscreen: big trade ships can be loaded faster and moved afterwards
  • building screen: texts improved
  • building screen: added wood and stones
  • building screen: output divided into 'this town' and 'other towns'
  • building screen: stored amount of wood and stones is shown
  • residence: rat shows when mail hasn't reached the server
  • residence: scrolls show number of mails sent
  • town screen: brightness adapted to time of day
  • barracks screen: no duplicate names allowed anymore
  • residenceDownload: loal emails only loaded with correct name
  • SetupSystem: UAE uses "Always Online"
  • GetMail : Lycos Workaround
  • 554 is recognized as SMTP-Auth
  • Fishing added
  • report screen adapted
  • Waterfall sound
  • no requirements for drill ground anymore
  • new Input-routines
  • RuneStone : can play for gold - 1000 GP all or nothing Helpful in the firt few rounds
  • Look of an army now depends on the slowest part
  • maximum amount of people a ship can carry
  • small trade ship 1*10000
    medium trade ship 2*20000
    big trade ship 3*30000
  • Only 25% of a towns population can be recruited per turn.
  • Editing of texts in messages and tavern
  • Cursor routine improved
  • gfx for chapel added
  • Settler and scouts are being accounted for in report screen
  • Error 553 recognized as SMTP-after-POP
  • inputbox adapted to new input routines
  • adding of bought goods
  • Initscreen: new routines
  • building screen: Rect-error on leaving fixed
  • Undead can be attacked
  • luxury good production stops when lacking resources
  • barracks screen: can disband armies bigger than 65536
  • Pressing Esc while connecting caused a hit
  • mapscreen: coordniates set from 20 to 28 to avoid hit
  • mapscreen: Bug in CheckPersonEvent entfernt.
  • compatiblity problems with Poseidon fixed
  • loading ships
  • Hit in mapscreen removed
  • no negative inputs allowed
  • demo mode of CheckFogofWar
  • mapscreen: ships could be moved to land (thx to Lord Dietrich)
  • mapscreen: EnterMapNames fixed
  • scrolls residencescreen
  • Diplomacy: checking existing contracts
  • reportscreen: '-1 piece of gold was stolen' fixed (thx to Lord Schneider)
  • possibly dangerous bug on ExitKarte fixed
  • Return key on Numeric-Pads works now
  • crash in training
  • buying in trade screen
  • bug in grain contracts
  • locale updated
  • Bug in substracting good
  • Bug in diplomacy -> trade contracts
  • blacksmith and drill ground don'T need research anymore drill ground still need blacksmith (to make the game more intersting at the beginning)
Path : http://www.tamar.net/bin/ToT_Amiga_V0.51_R1.lha
Size: 9151573 Bytes

Further information:

Registration screen improved:

Registering for Tales of Tamar has been a trouble for some players. So we have improved the registration screen. It now contains a loop where the user can enter and test the POP and SMTP server several times, if needed. If the initialization fails, the entered data is now preserved. Altogether, the whole process should be simpler now.

New autumn graphics:

Another improved area is the map. Besides the summer and winter mode, we now ave an additional graphics set for the autumn. In the third quarter of the year, all deciduous woodlands are glowing red, brown and gold now. A really gorgeous view. The ocean squares now also show the depth of the water.


This new version requires you to take care for the usage of every acre of your country. Acres can be used in one of 4 ways:

1) Cultivating
2) Fishing
3) Wood production
4) Stone production

You have a certain number of workers to employ on each square to improve the production for that acre. Especially important is cultivation as this will determine the maximum harvest.

For big players, this is too much work. So you can set the button "automatic", which will distribute the workers and jobs evenly. Of course, this setting will not be as ideal as you could achieve by manual settings.

This version adds a new source of food, fishing. On every water acre you own, you can deploy workers as fishermen. The resulting production will be converted to grain and added to the granary. The difference is that you have income from fishing all year, not just in summer.

But mind that those acres are no longer used for traditional farming. Players without automatic only have the land acres for farming. Players with automatic don't get income from fishing. The will still get grain production in summer from those acres.

Wood and stone will be produced too. These will be required for new buildings in future. Wood and stones are new goods (now almost 100 tradeable goods) that can be produced and traded among players. Huge buildings like castles etc. will require a tremendous amount of those.

Plundering towns:

Pirates in Tales of Tamar have a new source of income. Ships with armies on board can now plunder towns and steal gold from their victim. Especially with big merchants, this is a lucrative income

Game start:

At the beginning, new players receive some wood, stones, weapons and light armor, to be able to defend themselves and build their first buildings.

Computer races:

The past has shown that especially small players have trouble with computer races, if they don't have a marketplace (to receive support) or barracks (to recruit troops) yet. In future, computer races will no longer attacks small players (<7 acres of land).

New input routines:

The first optimization of the input routines allowes players to edit entered text.

Settlers and scouts:

Settler and scouts now cost money. It could get expensive to have an umlimited amount of them now.

We hope you'll have mch fun with the new feature!

A belated happy new year from

Your ToT team

Info : "Tales of Tamar" is a multi platform, turn based massively multiplayer online strategy and role playing game with resemblance to games like Kaiser and Civilization. It takes place in a fantasy world similar to the medieval times on earth. You can play with thousands of other people online. "Tales of Tamar" is being developed by Eternity.

05.01.2004 - Become a tester and win 250,- Euro!

"Tales of Tamar", the turn based fantasy-, strategy- and roleplaying game is entering the next stage of development.

The Windows version of the "Tales of Tamar" (ToT) client is nearing the release state. So we are starting a contest to test our game with a bigger number of players:

The first player to achieve the title of Emperor and who has started his or her game after January 1st 2004, will receive the prize of

*250,- Euro (in words: two hundred and fifty!)*

Since we are still in the beta testing phase, playing is free for PC version testers. You are only required to assist with finding bugs. Play and win!

We are looking for the best strategist, best mathematician, best diplomat, best merchant or the one who excels at all four of theses trades, and offer a reward while you test for free.

Enter this unique and fascinating world of myths and legends. Battle elves, dwarfs, dragons and orcs. Rule your realm and be part of this world. Compete with 350 - 2,000 players for the crown of Tamar.

In this community, you will not only find new friends. It will also change you and your life. We promise you that.

These are the contest rules:
  • The prize is *250,- Euro* !
  • Members or former members of the development team cannot partake.
  • Contestants have to register themselves as testers at www.tamar.net and actively test the game "Tales of Tamar".
  • The realm must have been started after December 31st 2003.
  • Every player is only allowed to have one realm. Paid secondary games are not allowed. Single paid games can partake.
  • The team of "Tales of Tamar" will take no responsibility for bugs in the program, even if they result in a loss of your game.
  • Old vassal contracts may not be transferred to a new game.
  • The purpose of the contest is further improvement of the game.
Minimum configuration:
  • PentiumPC 200 Mhz, Windows 95, graphics board with 4 MB and DirectX7
More about "Tales of Tamar" at


Yours, the ToT team.

Info :
"Tales of Tamar" is a multi platform, turn based massively multiplayer online strategy and role playing game with resemblance to games like Kaiser and Civilization. It takes place in a fantasy world similar to the medieval times on earth. You can play with thousands of other people online. "Tales of Tamar" is being developed by Eternity.


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