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31.12.2005 - Betatesters wanted for Tales of Tamar Amiga Version V0.54

Betatesters wanted for Tales of Tamar Version V0.54

Screenshots of the current version:

The first step towards the new 3D map has been made! Tales of Tamar can now run at a higher resolution and give the project a whole new look, thanks to a new GUI and handling. Instead of the old 640x480, the program can now run in 1024x768 in 16, 24 or 32 bit.

Rewriting took over three months and we hit the boundaries of the different Amiga models several times. Bugs in the graphics drivers, lacking performance and missing features like actual double-buffering, just to mention a few.

But now it is done, and we are proud to present this pearl to a wider audience. As always, we release these new features on the Amiga first.

The whole ToT team wishes you a Happy New Year. May the Amiga stay with us for years to come, in one form or another.

About the project:

We are looking for 30 active beta testers to test the new features on different Amiga systems. Testers play for free and only need to bring enough time and motivation to find and report bugs.

In order to continue to the next step, the actual 3D map, the new and updated client needs to be thoroughly tested to find and fix as many bugs as possible. We depend on the help of the community for this. Let's build a solid foundation for the ongoing development of the client for the Amiga!

The features:
  • 640*480/8bit and 1024*768/16/24/32 bit support
  • OS4 support
  • MOS support
  • Amithlon support
  • UAE support
  • PPC support
  • CD, Paula & AHI support
  • animated weapons, armor, goods and buildings in 8/16/24/32 bit
  • figure animation in 8/16/24/32 bit
  • more than 30 screens
  • massively multiplayer strategy via email or TCP/IP
  • multiple language support
  • multi platform (Amiga, PC, Mac, Linux, Browser, Java)
  • online chat
  • 8 minute animated intro
Here are the new screenshots:

Your ToT team

Tales of Tamar is a turn based, massively multiplayer strategy game similar to Kaiser or Civilization and is being developed by Eternity.


31.12.2005 - Linux coder needed

We are still looking for a Linux coder who needs to bring the ability to work in a team, reliability and some time to spend on his hobby. The job at hand is porting our game to Linux. The SAL (Software Abstraction Layer) is mostly completed. What remains is to add 90% of the in-game screens, consisting of mostly compatible source code. These are taken from the Windows version of the game.

The goal of this project, which is aimed to run at a minimum of 640 by 480 pixels in 2D, is to create a massively multiplayer game for home entertainment systems (like set top boxes) running Linux.

The coder will receive 50% of all profits made from the Linux version.

The details:
  • based on SDL
  • SAL about 90% complete (audio mixer is missing, for example)
  • coder should be aware of little- and big-endian issues
  • program should compile and run on x86 and PowerPC Linux
  • more platforms possible after that
  • PPC-Linux computers are available here for testing
  • we have a team dealing with all non-coding issues like advertising, homepage, customer support, forum and tester support
  • a screen can be ported in about 4 hours (after you've learned the ropes of the SAL)
  • currently about 15 screens are to be ported
  • approximate work time is about 3 months, depending on skill and time invested

23.08.2005 - Tamar needs new land!

Once again, all of Tamar has been settled, and new land has to be found for new realms.

Don't miss that opportunity! It will take place on September 1st, only 10 days from now. Start with other players under equal conditions, and show that your a contender for the rank of emperor!

Explore regions of Tamar that no man has set foot on before. Meet unique challanges like dragons, undead and other creatures, and prove yourself in the contest with other human players.

Hint 1:
Our price of 500 Euro for the first emperor among the realms created after January 1st 2005 has still not been claimed. (You'll find the detailed rules in the ToT forum).

Hint 2:
If you enter the keyword "Trial" in the field for the serial number while registering, you can start playing for free. A turn fee will only apply once you got deeper into the game. Also please add the remark that you want to start on September 1st.

Hint 3:
Since the clients for Mac OS and Linux are also playable on the same world, we need some beta testers for these systems.

Wishing you a lot of fun,
with best regards,
Your ToT-Team & Wolfen


16.08.2005 - Limited Service until august 21th

Due to the Games Convention at Leipzig, the server will run under limited supervision until august 21th. If there should be an issue during this time, the game will probably be paused.

New registration will only be processed after august 21th.

The remaining team will of course continue to help you with your question if they are not attending themselves.

Thank you for your understanding.


22.07.2005 - Limited Service until july 25th

Due to the AmiGBG in Sweden, the server will run under limited supervision until Juli 25th. If there should be an issue during this time, the game will probably be paused.

New registration will only be processed after july 25th.

The remaining team will of course continue to help you with your question if they are not attending themselves.

Thank you for your understanding.


15.06.2005 - Cooperation with 4Players

Frechen, Germany - June 15th, 2005: 4Players and Eternity have signed a cooperation contract that allows 4Players to offer Tales of Tamar as part of their content.

'The cooperation with 4Players is the necessary next step we tried to achieve by presenting Tales of Tamar at the Games Convention and the CeBit. The increased number of potential players through 4Players will allow further investments and ensure the ongoing development of Tales of Tamar.

4Players have been very amiable and generous during contract negotiations and will let us develop Tales of Tamar according to our own plans. The platform independent development of the game is both guaranteed and desired.

We are looking into the future with great expectations and welcome this cooperation.'

Since starting out in the year 2000, the subsidiary of freenet.de, 4Players has established itself as one of the leading gaming magazines. With 400 million page impressions it is one of the leading german internet portals: About 700,000 users visit the network per month, making it one of the biggest communities in the area of gaming.

Eternity is developing the turn-based massively multiplayer strategy game "Tales of Tamar" since 1997.


04.05.2005 - New Windows Version 0.51R4

At the download section a new Windows release is ready.


04.05.2005 - New Amiga Version 0.53R11

At the download section a new Amiga release is ready.


29.04.2005 - New Windows Version 0.51R1

At the download section a new Windows release is ready.


28.04.2005 - New Amiga Version 0.53R9

At the download section a new Amiga release is ready.


28.04.2005 - Tales of Tamar Animation Pack

Hello everybody,

in the process of the development of Tales of Tamar and the coming 3D map, we have decided to make the on screen animations of weapons, armor, herbs, resources, luxury goods, buildings and other animations available to all testers and Trial players.

This archive contains all animations and can be used on PC, Amiga and Mac by putting them into the anim directory of Tales of Tamar.

Afterwards, you should automatically see animations instead of pictures were appropriate.


28.04.2005 - Tales of Tamar Flash-Trailer

Now you can find an one minute Flash-Trailer at the video section.


24.03.2005 - New Amiga version 0.53R2

Dear Amiga community,

it's been a while since we released the last update for the Amiga version. But we are stil commited to the Amiga, and here is the latest release to prove it.

Take this chance to join this unique game. The currently featured 'Great War of Anarrow' lets you in this special community. But it doesn't matter which computer you are using to play. Be it Pegasos, AmigaOne, UAE, Amithlon, Classic Amiga, PC or Mac. You can always at least join in Trial mode. Meet nice people and make new friends!

We would also like to point out that Amiga dealers are currently offering Tales of Tamar at very affordable prices. At Ebay, you can find Tales of Tamar including one year of turn for as little as 9.90 Euro, and Vesalia is offering boxes for 39.90 Euro. When these run out of stock, prices are expected to go back up.

But now for the new version. Some new features need mentioning, since the last release was almost 6 months ago:
  • Some thing are never quite fast enough. Added more cache and sped up the client
  • sped up map
  • 16 new armors and weapons added
  • clerics can be hired now and moved on the map
  • activated specialist list on map screen
  • 18 new herbs (with animations)
  • 18 new tradable goods
  • command to look for herb on the map added
  • scout can duel and kill other scouts
  • settlers can be attacked
  • version number is shown in option screen
  • remaining turn are shown in option screen
  • if you fail to provide a mailbox for your turn when registering, you will be provided one on the ToT server until your own is set up
  • upon registration, the mailbox is checked for turn. Too old turns will be deleted. Current turns will be ordered and read
  • number of workers can be shown on the map
  • grave lettering in chapel added
  • new catalog
  • dockyard requester added
  • ships can be repaired in ports now
  • Interactive bardstale stories added
  • multi user management added
  • Load, Save and NewGame added
  • turn can be sent via TCP/IP
  • messages can be sent directly and instantly via TCP/IP
  • backup of turns on the server
  • screen changes are faster
  • file operations faster through buffer (increased hard disk cache for ToT: (Amiga-only feature!))
  • anti cheat measures
  • fixed possible overflow of ship requester in port screen
  • mouse workaround for MOS
  • removed several hits under OS4
  • offers on the market were lost if turn didn't arrive. fixed
  • offers posted after sending a turn weren't deleted. fixed
  • deleting an offer of grain could lead to overflow of granary. fixed
  • artillery weapons weren't restocked correctly when disbanding armies. fixed
  • armies weren't listed if there were no ships and scouts. fixed
  • fadeout fixed
  • rebelling town requester fixed
  • removed unnecessary device accesses
  • catalog problem fixed
  • alignment of gold display in trade screen
  • outdated cultivation files could lead to wrong calculations. fixed
  • MoveArray fixed
  • reminder for mailbox settings imprioved and localized
  • max-recruits issue fixed
  • joining armies of same type would sometimes not set the correct image
  • several memory leaks fixed (from PC version)
  • issued dismantling buildings fixed
  • entering a town from the map now possible if town hall is built
Path : http://www.tamar.net/bin/ToT_Amiga_V0.53_R2.lha
Size: 15297095 Bytes

load game, save game und new game:

This does not only allow yoo to make backup easily, but also enables you to keep several games in one instance of the game files. No more need for duplicate installations. The new function also keep track of important game files, so restoring an old backup does no longer overwrite a newer Path file, for example. Hopefully, this will reduce problems. Make sure you hav enough disk space, since big games can take up to 10 MB and more.

How to add another game?

Assume game A is already on the installation. Game B is to be added to it. Start your game and save it. Check if you can load it again (you should see the rulers name and the year and quarter). Exit and delete the directories mapd and data. Copy map and data from game B into their place. Now start the game again, you should see the information of game B. Save this too.

If you select Load Game now, you should see both different games available.

Remark 1: It is not possible to keep a tester game and a paid game in the same installation. This will lead to problems for the paid game. Please only keep tester gamer game with other tester games, and paid game with other paid or Trial games. There will be no assistance with problems from ignoring this rule.

Remark 2: Only one backup per year and quarter is saved. If you save again in the same year, thw old backup will be overwritten.

Repair ships:

There is a new button in the port, which allows you to repair damaged ships. Please test.

Dismantling ships:

Once put into water, ships can no longer be put back into storage. the only option is to dismantle them. This will get rid of them and you will recive some wood.

Sending turn via TCP/IP:

Contrary to SMTP/POP, you can now alos send turns directly to the server. This feature will be for paid users only in the future. For now, it can be used by all.

Directly send messages:

Messages in diplomacy and tavern can now be send directly. They are being send directly to the server and other player can check for them. This would allow you to exchange up to 20 messages each single day and more.

Backup of turns:

The server keeps a backup of the turns. If you shouldn't receive you turn by 9 pm, you can activate a special routine by checking for turn three times. It will then attempt to download from the server. The feature will be paid only in the future, too.

We wish you lots of fun with the new version, and please remember to make a backup of all your gama data before updating.

Your ToT-Team


25.02.2005 - The great war of Anarrow!

Quest for all Amiga fans on either the red or blue side!

In a high stone tower on Elerion, far away from the world known to us, there have been recent events of which you shall be told. Agannazar, high archmage of the First Ones, waved his hand over the crystal ball, and the confusing veils of mystery that shrouded the view lifted. In the candle light, Agannazar suddenly understood things that had puzzled him before. Next to him stood Landon, an old sovereign from the island of Exevor, the northmost island of the old realms and look at him questioningly.

'So tell me, what do you see in the crystal, Agannazar?'

Agannazar was deep in thought, and only slowly he began to mutter: 'There will be a great war. Greater than the Lords and Ladies of Tamar have seen before. And it will be fought more viciously than ever. On one side, there will be the blue Mosians, on the other the red Hombres. The war will take place on Annarrow, a secluded part of Elerion, and it will determine once and for all who is stronger, smarter and braver. Only one race will prevail and roam the lands of Tamar.'

Landon was alarmed at Agannazars words. Just recently, Tamar had seen the end of the first world war, and most lords had the hope that Empress Rajana would bring an age of peace.

'Are you sure about the coming war? Who are those Mosians and Hombres? I've never heard of them before.'

Agannazar turned away from the crystal ball and reached for his pipe to take one, two long draws from it. Then, with much calm he replied:

'As you know, not everything I see in the crystal comes to pass. But I know of both races. They live in the southern parts of Elerion and for generations, they had nothing better to do than to insult each other over trifles. If you ask me, it was only a question of time until they would go to the battlefield. So if many of their noble men should found their own realms in the near future, it can only mean that they prepare for war.'

'So then there is only hoping that this war will end the fight for good. And maybe they will even realize that they are actually in this together.'

Agannazar nodded: 'It only remains to be seen which side will win this battle...'

Tales of Tamar, the turn based strategy and roleplaying game invites all owners of an AmigaOne or a Pegasus with MOS to play free for four month and fight 'The great war of Annarrow'.

If at least 100 players join on each side, we will open a new land on Elerion on April 2nd, 2005. One side will be populated by the Hombres, the other by the Mosians. Especially invited are both developer teams, Hyperion and the MorphOS developers. They will rank as the Overlords on each side and be especially protected (or attacked).

The race dominating the land by holding the most ground after 4 months wins. The game direction will judge the result.

Some rules:
  • Each player has to register by sending an e-mail to wolfen@tamar.net, stating for which side he want to fight. Just put 'blue Mosians' or 'red Hombres' in the subject line.
  • The event will only take place if there are at least 100 players for each side.
  • The more players, the better for each side.
  • Playing will be free for four months. Afterwards, all players will receive Trial status which, depending of the size of their realm, may mean they would have to buy additional turn to keep playing or can keep playing for free.
  • Players in 'The great war of Annarrow' are not eligible for the ToT-Prize, since they are playing for free.
  • All other rules of Tamar apply. Insults are allowed as long as they remain in-time and sound medieval.
  • If you have questions about 'The great war of Annarrow', join the IRC chat on irc.euirc.net, port 6667, channel #Tales, and ask one of our OPs. Please use a suitable nickname (medieval/fantasy).
  • Only one realm per player.
  • Trolls are welcome :-)
  • The game starts on April 2nd 2005 and ends August 2nd 2005 with the final judgement.
Have fun :-)
Your ToT-Team


24.02.2005 - Eternity announces exhibit at CEBIT

Frechen, 24. February 2005 - Eternity will participate as an exhibitor at the CeBIT 2005 which is taking place in Hannover, Germany from March 10th to 16th.

CEBit is the worlds biggest trade show for information technology, communication, software and services.

Together with AHT Europe, Eternity will be present at stand C75 in hall 25, providing content for ARIANA. They will also show the first playable version of the Linux (x86 and PowerPC) client for Tales of Tamar, the newest development snapshot of the Tales of Tamar 3D map, and the first version of Tales of Tamar - Battle Arena.

"ARIANA is a great opportunity for us to gain a foothold in the home entertainment sector covered by settop boxes. We hope to further spread our platform independent massively multiplayer strategy and roleplaying game. Since the 2D environment of our game is suited perfectly for TV screens, the cooperation practically suggested itself."

Eternity, founded in 1995 and based in Frechen, Germany, is a company focusing on Amiga computers and Amiga expansions of all kinds. Since 1997, the software department is developing the PBEM game Tales of Tamar.



Windows V0.59R5
Windows-Beta V0.59R5
Linux V0.58R1
Linux-Beta V0.58R4
AmigaOS V0.59R5
AmigaOS-Beta V0.59R5
MacOS X-Beta V0.58R4